When we started developing our new Naspex Natural T-shirt line , we had five dearest wishes. „As ecologically as possible“, was a major concern for us. After all, It was always our concern to be ecological through and through, and the cotton we use for our ecological line is organic. Our second wish, which we have fulfilled, was “Organic cotton at standard price”. That means no extra costs for those who prefer organic cotton.

And we are really proud that NASPEX NATURAL LINE PRODUCTS will be dyed naturally with herbs & flowers like in the old time before chemicals was known.

But our top goal was to produce a GOTS certified and Far, because a GOTS certification is the highest accolade for an organic product. As you all know now we have made it, all our Naspex natural line products with the GOTS seal now. But what is GOTS and why were we so keen on this certification?