Green Cotton   


About the Green Cotton concept

Green Cotton textiles are created on the basis of a life-cycle philosophy. Throughout the entire life of the product, the product must have as little an impact on people and nature as possible. 

Green Cotton is neither an environmental management system nor an eco-label. Green Cotton is more like an attitude that combines elements of both.

The soul of Green Cotton is a unique process optimised through years to meet the high demands from customers concerned about environmental issues on one side and expecting the highest quality on the other side.

Cultivation: This stage in the production cycle has a massive potential effect on the environment. Green Cotton therefore encourages sustainable methods of cultivation. Green Cotton Organic is made from fibers of certified ecological origin. Green Cotton sustainable products are made solely from cotton that is handpicked and free of any pesticide residues.

Ginning: After harvesting, the fiber and seeds are separated. The seeds are either sown the following year or converted into oil and feed stuffs. So, besides encouraging the production of environmentally friendly yarn, we help to create other sustainable products.

Spinning, Knitting & Weaving: Separating and washing cotton fiber and spinning it into yarn by traditional methods can be a noisy and dusty business. So can the knitting or weaving of the yarn into fabrics. We do what we can to reduce these problems to a minimum by applying the best technology available.

Dyeing & Printing: The environmental hazards associated with dyeing and printing are well known. But dyes and other process chemicals can be used with a proper regard for the environment. We do so by assessing and choosing chemicals on their environmental merits and by using advanced cleaning processes.

Cutting & Sewing: Quite clearly, waste of any kind is an unnecessary claim on natural resources. So it is important to arrange cutting and sewing to optimise use of the cloth. At Green Cotton we do just that.

Using & Recycling: Green Cotton's philosophy has to do with ethics and doing the least possible harm to nature. Durability is therefore one of the main qualities we strive for in our products. But those who can afford it often wish to renew their wardrobes before their clothes have reached the end of their useful life. We recommend that such garments are passed on and, when finally worn out, recycled in other products.

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